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A Consumer's Guide to Therapist Shopping

Do I Need Therapy?

Energy Psychotherapies

How NOT to choose a therapist

How to Choose a Therapist for Post-Traumatic Stress and Dissociative Conditions

Questions to Ask A Counsellor

Seeking Support

Types of Therapy

What To Do After Each Therapy Session

When To Seek Therapy

When to STOP therapy

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Some survivors find that getting professional help makes a huge difference. Others prefer to deal with their issues on their own. There is no right or wrong - but for those of you considering help, this page provides information on types of therapy, how to choose - and find - a therapist, and related topics.

Getting professional therapy from someone who specialises in CSA-related disorders, can guide you efficiently through a healing process. This said, not every therapist is familiar with the specific needs of an adult survivor's healing process, so find a professional who is sensitive to your needs and familiar with the issue.

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On the Askios e-group, there is a database of mental health professionals from around India. This database will list psychiatrists, psychologists, and counselors who work with survivors. To access it, simply sign up for the Askios e-group (it's free).

Each professional listed on the database will have a "Survivor Rating", so if any survivors write to me (in private - your name won't be revealed) you can recommend professionals that you've found helpful. This Survivor Rating will help other survivors in their search for a sensitive therapist, so please do support this initiative with your recommendations.

You can also invite your therapists to list themselves on the Database(that's free, too). S/he can do this by emailing or calling me, or simply visiting the "FOR HEALERS" or "DATABASES" page on this website and filling out a simple form.