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As the climate of secrecy around child abuse changes, more survivors are tentatively coming forward to seek professional help on working through their childhood issues. Askios hopes to connect these survivors to you, the professionals with the sensitivity and experience to help them best.

People need you ..

One of Askios' main goals is raising awareness on the long-term impact of child abuse, and the benefits of healing adult survivors. Survivors who approach Askios often go on to seek professional help. I often receive queries from survivors around the country. NGOs too, often seek referrals for their clients.

To help these people easily locate individual mental health professionals around India, I have developed an Askios Database of Mental Health Professionals. It is stored on the Askios e-group site. It is not visible to the general public, and can only be accessed by Askios members.

Please join this Database! Survivors often find it very difficult to approach a professional, no matter how desperately they may want help. Your being on this Database makes that initial fear a little less intimidating than approaching a total stranger.
To be listed on the Database, just fill out the simple online form by clicking the link below, then typing in your details. There is no obligation to fill in all the sections. Your details will be automatically received by me via email. They will not be seen on this website.

Askios has three other databases - of organisations, support groups, and telephone helplines. For more information about those, please visit the Databases page here on the website.

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News and Updates:
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The Askios e-group is an online service that provides you with information on adult survivors, and on the CSA (Child Sexual Abuse) issue in India. You'll receive outlines of news and features, recent studies and research, upcoming conferences and seminars, delivered as a brief weekly digest in one convenient email delivered to your Inbox, that enables you to select and view your reading material at leisure.

The e-group also lists links to other Internet sites that have good collections of resources such as professional papers, articles, and organisation websites.

There are currently close to 100 members on the Askios e-group, including NGOs, mental health professionals, academicians, physicians, government and criminal justice officials, media and legal professionals, and activists.