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I thought I was weak. Ungrateful. Pathetic. Crazy in the head. Useless. Three-quarters of my life, I thought this, before finding out that there was a reason for the way I felt. Not a weakness. Not an excuse. Not a spiritual flaw. Not 'just in my mind'.

Many of us have been suffering from depression since childhood, not recognising the illness for what it is, nor realising the connection between our state of mind and our childhood experiences. Others among us experience inexplicable anxiety, panic or fears. The degree to which we experience these conditions varies. Survivors of extreme abuse may have coped with their trauma by developing personality disorders. Whatever the degree or type of condition, understanding it can help us to either rid ourselves of it, or at the very least, learn how to manage it and live an easier life.

Virtual Therapy
for the Soul

Perhaps it's time to remind yourself how special you are.

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