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Many of us struggle through problem after problem without realising that at the root of them all is the abuse we suffered as children. There comes a point when living this way is no longer acceptable, and we know that there can be more to life. If you have reached that point, this page is for you.

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Self-Help methods

Healing takes time ..

They say time heals all wounds. But when it comes to healing from the effects of CSA, the passage of time isn't enough. We can "put it behind us" or "forgive and forget". That's not healing, that's ignoring. Until we address the damage done to us, we will feel its pain in other ways, perhaps without even recognising the connection.

Healing takes courage ..

It's not an easy process. There will be ups and downs, days when it's difficult to face the world, and days when the world seems in your pocket. It's difficult, and the best way to make it easier is to find professional help. Which in itself brings another difficulty, as not all professionals are familiar with the nuances of abuse therapy. But every time you look back and see how far you've come, how many positive changes you've made in your life, you see that healing is always worth it.

Virtual Therapy
for the Soul

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A Holy Splash in Time

Healing takes love ..

From my point of view, it's love, not time, that heals the wound. A love that goes beyond a parent's or partner's love, or the love of your children, or even the love of God. All these are no doubt supportive, and will help you on your way to healing. But the most important love you need to discover as you heal, is a love for yourself. A love for the child that you were. The one that got abused.

Healing takes effort ..

Once you've made a commitment to free yourself from the effects of childhood abuse, you head down a new path. It takes time, courage and love. And it requires you to make an effort. To relearn and rethink behaviours and values. To learn the skills that will help you cope through the healing process and beyond. To invest some time and thought in self-study, as you watch yourself grow. Don't be discouraged. The healing process may at times seem hard and difficult. So does physiotherapy to a woman with a broken leg. But how good it must feel when she can finally put away her crutches and walk on her own ..

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