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Today, there's growing awareness of the child abuse issue, and our activists in the social development sector are among the most aware. However, staying informed on the issue is not always easy, and locating resources can often be a long drawn-out process. Through the Askios projects - in particular, the Askios e-group - I hope to create a central point from which you will easily be able to access all the resources you need on this issue, and network with other social workers and NGOs.

Staying informed ..

As a member of the Askios e-group (see Projects page for details) you'll be in touch with all the latest news and features that relate to adult survivors, and the Child Sexual Abuse issue in India and Asia. A weekly news digest delivered to your Inbox enables you to select and view your reading material at leisure.

The e-group also keeps you informed on upcoming events such as conferences, seminars or workshops, as well as results of recent studies, and professional papers.

Sharing your news - and views ..

Through the Askios e-group, you'll connect to others with the same strong interest in this issue (membership is currently close to 100) and have a perfect opportunity to let others in the field know what you and your organisation are doing. You can post your press releases, details of upcoming workshops, even job opportunities.

The e-group is also a great place to ask questions and there's always someone on the group who'll have an answer or at least guide you towards one!

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Promoting your services ..

One of the Askios projects is to build a directory of organisations and individuals whose work relates to the child abuse issue. On the Askios e-group's website, you'll find four databases:

- Organisations
- Mental Health Professionals
- Support Groups
- Helplines

You can add your organisation details to these databases and be part of this network of resources for anyone seeking more information or help.

Click here for more info on the Askios databases

International people with megaphones

Campaigns, Projects & Resources:

The Child Abuse Monument

The Clothesline Project

The Healing Embrace Blog

Generation Five

Karmayog (NGO directory and resources)

Safe Delhi

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