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Survivors often have a sense of isolation. It's hard to reach out and risk trusting people, but we can start by reaching out to other survivors, the ones who know how we feel, because they feel it too. It's a great relief to realise that there are others who have the same fears, feelings, problems, hopes and dreams. That we are not alone.

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Support groups
Internet connections
International support programs
E-groups and online forums

Support Groups

Being part of a support group gives us a sense of belonging, and of hope. We interact with people who truly understand what we are going through, because they too have been there. It's a place to express ourselves safely, without having to worry about blame, disapproval, anger or lack of understanding. In a support group there will be times when we can draw on other survivors' strengths, and times when we find our own strength bubbling up from within, in someone else's time of need.

You can find a listing with details of support groups around the world, on the Askios e-group's Database page.

International Support Programs:

Adult Survivors of Child Abuse

Adult Children of Alcoholics

Alcoholics Anonymous (India)

Narcotics Anonymous (India)

Survivors of Incest Anonymous

E-groups and Online Forums:

The Open Directory Project's listing of support groups

Survivors and Friends

Internet Connections

The Internet has many forums that you can join. Message boards and e-groups can be your online support group, if you don't have an actual group in your neighbourhood.

Most survivors are nervous about attending real meetings, so an online group can be a good way to start connecting, while maintaining your anonymity and feeling safe.

On message boards, all communication is done on the board website. Mailing lists, also known as e-groups, are similar, except that members can communicate via email, i.e. receive and send group messages from their inbox.

Askios-SafePlace is one such group - a private place only for survivors. Most of its current members are either from or in India, but survivors from around the world are welcome to join.

Click here to go to Askios-SafePlace