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Coping with crisis
Nurturing ourselves
Reaching out to others

As survivors, we can do a great deal for ourselves, to heal from childhood abuse issues. It's our lives, our health, and our well-being at stake: we can take care of ourselves in little ways and start working towards a healthier, happier future.

Coping with crisis ..

We've weathered a lot of storms - but often without knowing that there are easier ways to cope with crisis when it comes. Learning how to prepare for and deal with crises can help us through the tough times.

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Nurturing ourselves ..

As children we learnt that the needs of adults took priority over our own. Today, what remains of the wounded child within us, still waits for the love and caring that we were denied. Learning to love ourselves is one of the hardest yet most essential parts of healing.

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Reaching out to others ..

Trusting is one of the hardest things to do right when you're a survivor. We either treat everyone with suspicion, or else hand over our trust blindly to the most untrustworthy people! We never learnt how to connect with others in healthy and safe ways when we were children. But it's not too late to learn!

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